Mactan Island

Mactan Shrine Cebu - lapulapu

Landmark Place: 

When you visit the Mactan Island. You need to visit the historical place called the Mactan shrie. One of the famous mark in Cebu Mactan. His name is Lapulapu you can see this symbol when your travel and visit in Mactan Island. This shrine is near in Mactan Newtown Cebu. One of the best toursit location and highly visited to all visitors and tourist. To give  you an idea before you visit the place. This is just around 15 mins drive from the airport.

To give you a summary of the story when Magellan visited the place together with 20 to 30 soldiers he ask Lapulapu to surrender under the order of the King of Spain. Lapulapu who is strong and knows his territory refuse. Both warriors fight each other because of territorial claims. Lapulapu win the fight and the whole of his soldier died in the battles of dead today we call this historiacal place the mactan shrine. 

Near beside the Mactan Shrine you can see plenty of large buildings. The place now is called the mactan newtown the realestate developer is MEGA WORLD CORP.

We are expecting by the year 2021 Mactan Shrine will be visited a plenty of people.  The place is safe with a security guard on duty 24/7.  

You may ask Who is this person ?

You may aski who really really  . . .this person ? A native leader who defeated Spanish soldiers led by the Portuguese explorer Ferdinand Magellan in the 1521 Battle of Mactan.

Without this person Mactan NewTown Cebu would not existed. Tourism won't booster it's power to traffic location. Lapulapu shrine mold the future of the success of the location. Most of all our historical power of Cebuanos begins the leadership and the power of Lapulapu our greatest national hero in Cebu. Come and visit he place ,Enjoy the place with our families and friends.



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