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Tuburan Beach Resort - Apalan

24,000,000 PHP
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Lot Area: 
5000 sq.meter
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Apalan Tuburan
Monthly Price: 
120,000 PHP -(For Rent)

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- 4 kilometers from the town of Tuburan. In the resort you can feel quietness and peace in this place. Best resort in Tuburan. The resort has many visitor during summer vacation and holiday from Saturday and Sunday. The resort has 2 swimming pool for adults and kids.


About Tuburan

 -Tuburan is a second income class municipality in the province of Cebu, Philippines.

- Population of 58,914 year 2013


Popular sites to visit in Tuburan

Molobol Spring, Mantawihan Spring, Little Bauio and Friendship Beaches, Marmol Cave, Lantawan Look-out and Daan Lungsod Beach. The municipality's main products are sugarcane, coconut, rice, vegetable products, corn and coconut.


Reservation Booking

Kindly contact this number for your reservation and booking : 0923-429-1291

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