Sumilon Island paradise beach OSLOB CEBU

The paradise sumilon island is a crystal clean beach white sand paradise breathtaking. You really really love the place when you visit the location island in Sumilon. It is very popular in Oslob Sumilon and one of the best place to visit before you leave outside CEBU Philippines. The island is outstanding place to visit and one of the secret place to enjoy with your family and love one.

Feedback to the people who visited the place has a skyrocket of 10 Star which means highly recommended to visit the place. I visit the place with my friends , brothers and family. They all enjoy the gift of heavenly experience in paradise sumilon island.

Everybody love to enjoy and visit the wonderful place in SUMILON ISLAND OSLOB.

About my first experience in Sumilon Island when i was 8 years old  it was 1990’s i never forget the place because it was a great  blessing in heavenly kingdom. I swim , laugh and enjoy the place. I wanted to back again sadly it takes time to visit the place most specially if you are living in the Cebu City estimate time frame 3 to 4 hours depending the speed of the car.

Last time i visited was 2018 and the place has fully develop but still similar the place was still a paradise beach island.

More people are visiting the place most specially when it is weekend.

If you never visited the place. Start planning and visit the wonderful and amazing place in Sumilon Island in Oslob.

Sumilon Island paradise beach OSLOB CEBU