No backriders for motorcycle drivers fined P5,000

No backriders for motorcycle

Due to the high number of cases of the covid-19 here in Cebu motorcycle drivers with backriders even your close relatives are not allowed. Disobedience of the law will be fined P5,000. Their licenses will also be confiscated. Please be aware that rules are changing due to the virus spread out. 

Other alternative will be ride your own motorbike alone or buy your own motorbike so you can drive. Use bike to save the cost put all your kids in the house for safety.  Business motorbike is not allowed due to the covid-19 spread out here in Cebu City and nationwide. 

The suspending the operations of the transport network vehicle service and the pilot implementation of motorcycle taxis who try to make excuses. Be aware of the new law implementation.

Wait for further notice in the LTO. 


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