Cebu list of holidays

When you are living in Cebu it is important to know the date of holidays. Sometimes when you are so busy and you forgot to check the list of holiday calendar you will visit the place then wonder why is is close most specially the government m banks, schools and several organization.This list calendar will remind you during your list of calendar during the month. This will help you in advance when you want to take a short or long holiday or move outside Cebu. Check the calendar schedule date below.

Jan 1    Sunday    New Year's Day    Regular Holiday     
Jan 2    Monday    New Year's Day observed    Regular Holiday     
Jan 28    Saturday    Chinese Lunar New Year's Day    Special Non-working Holiday     
Feb 25    Saturday    People Power Anniversary    Observance      

Mar 20    Monday    March equinox    Season     
Apr 9    Sunday    The Day of Valor    Regular Holiday     
Apr 13    Thursday    Maundy Thursday    Regular Holiday     
Apr 14    Friday    Good Friday    Regular Holiday

Apr 16    Sunday    Easter Sunday    Observance     
Apr 24    Monday    Lailatul Isra Wal Mi Raj    Common Local holidays     
May 1    Monday    Labor Day    Regular Holiday     
Jun 12    Monday    Independence Day    Regular Holiday     

Jun 21    Wednesday    June Solstice    Season     
Jun 27    Tuesday    Eidul-Fitar    Common Local holidays     
Aug 21    Monday    Ninoy Aquino Day    Special Non-working Holiday     
Aug 28    Monday    National Heroes Day holiday    Regular Holiday     

Sep 2    Saturday    Id-ul-Adha (Feast of the Sacrifice)    Common Local holidays     
Sep 3    Sunday    Id-ul-Adha Day 2    Common Local holidays     
Sep 22    Friday    September equinox    Season     
Sep 22    Friday    Amun Jadid    Muslim, Common Local holidays     

Oct 31    Tuesday    Special non-working Day    National holiday     
Nov 1    Wednesday    All Saints' Day    Special Non-working Holiday     
Nov 2    Thursday    All Souls' Day    Observance     
Nov 30    Thursday    Bonifacio Day    Regular Holiday     

Dec 1    Friday    Maulid un-Nabi    Common Local holidays     
Dec 8    Friday    Fest der unbefleckten Empfängnis    National holiday     
Dec 21    Thursday    December Solstice    Season     
Dec 24    Sunday    Christmas Eve    Observance     

Dec 25    Monday    Christmas Day    Regular Holiday     
Dec 30    Saturday    Rizal Day    Regular Holiday     
Dec 31    Sunday    New Year's Eve    Special Non-working Holiday


If you have any update other holidays that are not listed below. Send us a email or give a comments. Thank you! 



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