Best Tourist spot in Barili Cebu visit and enjoy

Location Place: 

Visit first the google map to target the place and location. Save time knowing the details of the location is the best way to familiar the place.

Thinking to visit in Barili Cebu. What are the best place tourism to visit in Barili. 

Advices: Always trave with enough gasoline to visit the place you plan to visit.

First: Molave Milk Station

Enjoy drinking the fresh milk and ice cream high quality. The entrance is free to visit the place. 

List of prices: 

fresh milk: 50peso

ice cream: 100 peso


Second: AC Tilapia Fun Fishing

From Molave Milk Station going to AC Tilapia Fun Fishing takes you 13 to 15mins road trip.

Enjoy the wonderful time with your family and get fresh tilapia fish. Smile and laugh more with your friends and family.



From AC Tilapia Fun Fishing to Mantayupn falls takes you 2 to 4mins road trip. Know the direction to visit the place. Best to visit is morning or lunch time. Enjoy the  natural waterfalls.


Fourth: Sta. Anna Parish

Visit the traditional church in barili just near in Municipal hall. The church is also the landmark in Barili alot of people from barili visit the place to pray and spend time with the Lord. 


Fifth: Shamrock Bus Station

Take a rest and use a comfort room in the shamrock bus station. Buy the traditional snacks in Cebu example otap and many more goodies snack. If you are thinking to extend more your road trip

then buy some snacks before you visit in Sayaw Barili beach resort.


Fifth: Sayaw Barili Beach Resort

Going to Shamrock bus station to sayaw barili it will take 40 to 45 mins to go the place. Advices: Feel the see breeze the enjoy the crystal clear sea water in Sayaw resort. You can also bring your own tent to save the cost or table and chairs. 

List Price:

Entrance fee: 20 peso

Cottage: 200peso small cottage

           : 300peso medium cottage.