Cebu mass transit project due to heavy traffic

The train project in Philippines is 1 trellion peso building a new future in Metro Manila , Cebu central and Mindanao area. The President project will soon be implemented as the president announce that heavy traffic is a state of emergency in the Philippines since businesss growth slow down due to heavy traffic . The President Rodrigo Duterte’s announcement during his first State of the Nation Address to implementation of the mass transit system in Luzon , Visayas and Mindanao region.  

Crocodila Park Zoo in talisay cebu

Location Place:

The zoo park known as Crocodila is the best nature park found in Talisay. It is mini Zoo  better than  Cebu Zoo in the City because it is properly mainted. You can watch the zoo more than 50 species of animals giving a smile to your kids or having a small trip for your family to watch the best crocodile in Talisay. During Sunday 4 pm is the main attraction with the feeding of all crocodiles so if you want to watch the crocodile into action then you come and visit before 4 p.m.  

Bojo River tourist attraction in cebu

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The river is top 100 in the best river of the world to explore and enjoy. I read in the sunstar month of September 2016  they say that the place is very rich in various species of mangroves, flora and fauna the place are being protected by local authorities. Enjoy your stay in Cebu and visit the place.

It will take 3 hours to complete the package Bojo River Cruise and environmental lessons when you visit the place.

Pricing when you ride the boat tour:

5 Basic Steps in Buying House and lot in Cebu.

1.)Search in the internet using faster and easy, no hassle, no need to ride a car and go outside wastinf your time and money. Also you can go to google map to target the location where you want to visit. (You can browse my website

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Cebulandmaster payment options details


Option 1 :  Payable within 30 calendar days after reservation. Net of 8% discount and reservation fee. Transfer Charges will be paid before move-in.

Option 2 :  Payable on 12 equal monthly payments. Net of 3% discount and reservation fee. Transfer Charges will be paid before move-in

Option 3 :  20% downpayment within 30 calendar days with 5% discount on down payment net of reservation fee. Transfer

Charges will be paid before move-in . 80% thru bank financing.

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